Dear customers,
Dear parents,

Audiological assessments require from 45 minutes to 5 hours. Audiological interventions are based on measurable and quantifiable objectives which were specifically targeted for you and your child in his or her treatment plan. Thus, the appointment which was reserved for you is precious and cannot be replaced at the last minute!
In order to offer you a professional, diligent, quality service, and to maximize the expected results from a follow-up in audiology, it is essential that the therapies are carried on regularly.
Furthermore, to better manage the arrival of new requests and in respect for the clients registered on our waiting list in this period of shortage of services in audiology, the management of the Tinnitus, Hypo-Hyperacusis Centre wishes to inform you of its absenteeism policy.
1) There will be no charge for appointments canceled if you notify the Centre 3 working days before the appointment (e.g. your appointment is scheduled for Saturday and you notice us on the Wednesday prior to your appointment).
2) There will be a fee corresponding to 50 % of the expected fee if you cancel 2 days before your appointment (e.g. your date is Saturday and you advise us on the Thursday prior to your appointment).
3) There will be a fee corresponding to 75 % of the expended fee if you cancel your appointment the day before your appointment (e.g. your appointment is Saturday and you cancel the Friday prior to your appointment) or the day of your appointment.
4) The full fee (100 %) will be charged to you if you do not cancel your appointment and do not show up at your appointment.
The check must be posted at once to be collected before the next meeting.
We wish to assure you of our understanding and our flexibility (e.g. in the case of storms). If you expect to have some difficulties presenting yourself to the appointments and if you plan to be absent, it is essential to advise us as soon as possible. Otherwise, after three absences, the Tinnitus Centre reserves the right to terminate the services offered by the Tinnitus Clinic.
Thank you for your collaboration.

Manon Trudel or Liliane Brunetti, audiologists

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