The clinic

Near public transportation services (AMT train) and health services (hearing-aid acousticians, medical clinics, emergencies and hospitals), the Tinnitus, Hypo-hyperacusis Centre welcomes every year patients of all ages having tinnitus, hearing loss and hypersensitivity to noise. The competent, devoted and attentive staff will guide patients in ways to improve their audiological condition and refer them to the proper specialists when needed. Founded in 2001 in a municipality of almost 2000 citizens, at the junction of Lake Saint Louis and The Ottawa River, the Tinnitus, Hypo-Hyperacusis Centre continues year after year to give you an accessible, courteous and quality service. Welcome to all.



How will I know if I suffer from tinnitus ?
Tinnitus can be defined as any sensation of sound(s) or noise(s) perceived by someone, within his/her ear(s) or head, in the absence of an external source. The tinnitus may be described as the following:
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How will the audiologist determine if I suffer from hyperacusis / recruitment ?
The audiologist will gradually increase the intensity of sounds and noises in order to determine the levels at which each auditory stimulus becomes either uncomfortable and/or worsens your tinnitus. The type and the number of stimuli depends one how much the client wishes to document the reported severity of sensitivity to daily environmental sounds/noises.
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How will the audiologist evaluate my hearing?
The purpose of a complete audiological evaluation is to verify your hearing status. If you have a hearing impairment (hypoacusis), the nature and the degree of the hearing loss will be determined. In a sound proof room, you will be asked to respond every time you perceive a tone, even if its intensity is very soft.
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